Aaron Clift: Vocals and Keyboards

With an expressive voice and moving original songs, Austin, TX-based vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Aaron Clift is making a dramatic mark on the musical world.

Aaron’s musical journey began at age 2 – a time when his parents would play him many records from their extensive collection. Inspired by the sounds he heard growing up, at age 11, Aaron began his formal music education, playing viola in his school orchestra. Later, at Tufts University, he added guitar, piano, and voice to his repertory as well as composition studies in classical and jazz. During this time, Aaron also performed as the vocalist for the rock band, Attack Plan R, kindling his love for performing rock music.

After graduating college, Aaron spent several years pursuing a career as a classical composer. But although he loved classical music, Aaron longed to form a visceral connection with his audience that could only be achieved through rock and roll. In 2007, following a brief stint in San Francisco at a graduate program for classical composition, Aaron returned to Austin and began writing the rock songs that would find their way onto The Aaron Clift Experiment’s debut album, “Lonely Hills.”

With the release of The Aaron Clift Experiment’s second album, “Outer Light, Inner Darkness,” Aaron is once again giving the public a glimpse of his vision for the future of music.