Devin North: Bass

Bassist, Devin North brings with him a wide variety of influences, from Marvin Gaye to King Crimson, and a diverse sound to add to the band.

Devin began playing music as a classical musician at the age 11, picking up the upright bass accidentally, (he had originally planned to play the cello) and making fun of his rock guitar player brother’s long hair and loud music. By the next year, he had realized his err in judgment and embraced rock music and the electric bass. He spent the next few years writing music and playing in rock bands, funk bands, orchestras, and jazz combos. He now studies music at the University of Texas at Austin and is versed in rock, jazz, and classical bass.

With his diverse taste and background, he hopes to amalgamate the accessibility and edge of rock music with the sophistication and creativity of classical and jazz, and the groove and feel of funk and Motown.

Having a taste for vintage basses, an adoration of the classics, and a desire to create something new, Devin brings the low register of the band simultaneously back into the golden days of progressive rock, and forward into its future.