Eric Gutierrez – Guitar

Eric - Main - Lo Res
Corpus Christi native, Eric Gutierrez, brings a wealth of experience in rock and classical music, technical chops and a diverse style to The Aaron Clift Experiment’s guitar sound.

Eric grew to love music at an early age – a time when his rock-loving parents exposed him to classic rock bands such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.  Encouraged by his musical family, Eric picked up the electric guitar at age thirteen and later began studying classical guitar.  In his senior year of high school, he composed his first piece of music – a classical guitar quartet.  Eric recalls: ”Hair was standing on the back of my neck when I heard my piece performed for the first time.  That was the moment I knew that I wanted to compose and play guitar.”  Eric followed his passion for performing and writing music into Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, where he graduated with a BA in classical guitar studies in 2008 and a masters degree in music composition at Texas State University San Marcos in 2014.